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Moving from a humble beginning in 1960, Shri Kantibhai H. Gudka steered "Anupam" Industries into manufacturing of "Anupam" brand of Incense Sticks [with bamboo = Agarbatti], "Mangal Murti" brand of Incense Sticks [without bamboo = Dhoop Sticks] and "Arrow" brand of camphor tablets, to a recognized position throughout India.

With the next generation joining business, the company transformed from manufacturing activities to representing Indian companies manufacturing Aromatic Ingredients. Anupam Industries has to its credit introduction, recognition, and success of several Indian Aromatic Ingredient's manufacturing companies.

The new Avatar headed by Shri Ajaykiran Gudka spear-headed into progress, challenging business houses 3 decades older. Under his leadership, hard-work, micro calculation and macro fore-sight & vision, moral values and guidance, risking abilities, encouragement and with the joining of younger brother Shri Nayan Gudka, Anupam grew in horizontal & vertical strata of business, covering various industries & entities.

While on the path of promoting these domestic companies and creating their brand, Anupam has created several benchmarks. Changing the mindset of the usual traditional trader-mentality, Anupam has redefined the definition by ushering transparency which was not prevalent earlier. Anupam, with its growing success and goodwill has been able to bring together several selling and buying partners and still continues to enjoy the loyalty of these business associates.

Anupam Industries currently caters to the industries of Incense Sticks, Aromatherapy, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Fabric & Laundry Care, Fine Fragrances, Flavours, Confectionery Products, Personal Care, Pharma, Soaps & Detergents.

Based on the above, in 2003, Anupam established Ashapura Aromas Private Limited as a corporate entity to handle the marketing and distribution across the globe.


To be an admired global Marketing & Distribution Organization in Flavour & Fragrance (F&F) industry.

  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Customer Care
  • Integrity Mutual Trust & Respect
  • Safety & Security
  • Team work
  • Transparency

Quality means never having to say "Sorry". There is only one way to have a successful organization. To have a lot of Happy Satisfied Associates.


Has created a niche market for itself in today's highly competitive, qualitative business environment owing to its dedicated insight in its "QRS" Policy.

  • Q-uality
  • R-easonable Rates
  • S-ervices par Excellence

And ever increasing product range.

  • The Largest range of F & F Ingredients under One Roof.
  • Maximum Agencies under One Roof.
  • Pioneering Transparency of Suppliers & Products thereby Creating a "Brand Identitiy" of the Products.
  • Pioneer in adapting Technology for Promoting Suppliers & Guiding Customers.
  • Pioneering the Concept of Networking.
  • Deep Geographical Penetration throughout India.
  • Dedicated, Diligent & Committed Team.
  • Redefining "Trade" by Hardwork & Performance.
Our Team

Team of Anupam consists of committed and dedicated staff coordinating and focusing on the goals to be achieved. Anupam acknowledges the contribution towards its success and progress by its team.

We are members of EOAI, FAFAI and IFEAT.
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